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Friday, February 24, 2006

fill you in

this has got to be quick cos its sooo late!!
my neck is baaaaad!! i thort i had pulled a muscle wen i yawned almost 2 weeks ago now, however according to my doctor it had nothing to do with that, i have a problem with either my salivery gland or my lymph nodes in my neck :S
she was so worried that i had to take a week off school n stay at home n suck sweets n take antibiotics, not bad rly, part from the fact i felt rubbish, n looked like a hampster, well not quite that bad... but i didntlook my usual chipper self :D
ive changed my whole room round during half term, n it still remains a complete pig sty.. it is sooo messy!! im ashamed :(
ive also got so much wrk to do, cos i didnt do n e overhalf term, n none over this week.. i was just too damn ill! so ive got 2n 1/2 essays to write, a project on the rainforest, how year 6!! n catch up on the wrk ive missed this week... idont wanna!!!
however im rly looking forward to getting back to normallity next week, that is, as long as the thing inmy neck iscompletely gone by monday, else ill have to go to the hospital for tests!! arg!
but the thing im rly looking forward to is my birthday!!! yay!! im gonna be 18! all growed up, i cant wait :D:D:D now for those that dont know.. its on wednesday 1st march!! thats this wednesday, so u best all wish me a happy birthday. ill be sad if u dont!
love you allllll

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Time

just a quick one really!
am just full of the festive season :D
got the nicest necklace, boots, oh i could go on! everyone has been so kind!! thankyou all :D :D :D oh and i got a new hair cut, hopefully people will notice this time :P
Oooooh i love christmas food, especially my daddies stuffing. mmmmm! unfortunately i've been really ill recently, but luckily i'm feeling much better now, infact i have the use of my throat back for which i'm terribly grateful!
and i'm gonna say it again... say it back, you know you wanna!!
love you all

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Important Stuff!

I will not excuse myself and apologise for not blogging in so long. because all that does is remind me of my poor poor attempts at keeping a diary. When i was younger i would every now andagain get the urge to keep a diary, writing it on odd scraps of paper... as you can guess none really stood the test of time. That is, until i read Anne Franks diary, and i was inspired to try one last time: and i did manage rather well, i wrote for about 3 years, going in and out of phases of writing then leaving it for months. with amusing apologises at the beginning begging for forgiveness from my diary (yeh ok, it an innanimate object but thats not the point) so my point here is.... (well actually i have two) number 1. im not very good at constantly writing anything and number 2. i was inspired by Zoes blog to write one of my own.

Now i have always found that by leaving it such a long time i always have more to write, but infact as i have left it so long i can't actually be bothered to recount (or to be more honest ive forgotten) what i've been doing :D so this blog is goin to be about the important and most memorable stuff that has occured recently!

first thing that springs to mind is the weekend of becky's 18th birthday party. i just about remember thinking to myself what a fantastic weekend it was... firstly it was friday night and becky's party, can't remember much as Emma T, Charlotte n I (love you guys) decided we were gonna get inebriated (pissed) there were many people there, and erm, free drinks lol so yeh, i wont go into too much detail about the events becos yeh, erm, yeh, im just not! its too complicated! So anyway, moving on. we have saturday, and this was the day i had to get up horrifically early so i could catch a train to Cardiff to see my sister. the only problem with that was the fact that there was a Wales vs New Zealand rugby match goin on in cardiff that day. ie no seats on train... however, i was not that bothered becasue i managed to squeeze into the end of a compartment only to find i was squished in with a load of young NZ rugby players (only 18 or 19) lol so i must admit i had a pretty good journey, even though i was a bit stiff at the end...

after that i got to go and see some amazing fireworks! my sister, her housemates, a couple of guys n i got to wander into cardiff central and stand in a big field and watch these fireworks go off in time to music and everything... they were rly good! absolutely massive and they lasted for 40 minutes! the finale was actually amazing, the bangs were so loud i swear my heart stopped or something :D

next news my geography teacher (the most lovelyest teacher in the world bar Mrs Hardern and my mum) has had her baby, aa little boy called Harry. she has promised to bring him in and show him off to us (her class) in the little baby gro we bought her.. Winnie the Pooh, how adorable?!?!

erm how could i really do a blog and not talk about UCAS and university as this is a topic which is really important to loads of us at the moment. so i sent my UCAS form off before half term and the universities received it on the 21st, ive now got two emails from bristol and york confirming the fact they have got my application, but from the others? no! I however as from tuesday have an offer :D:D:D on tuesday morning i logged on to track (my regular twice daily routine) and to my suprize found a longer word than 'sent' yes i had got a 'conditional'! after which i proceeded to scream and then run around the common room a few times before telling anyone and everyone that i had got an offer form Bristol.

I then got another offer on thursday from Manchester, where i justabout managed to control my scream as we were in the library, but never the less had to tell everyone. Then i sat by aisling and watched her go on track where she got her first offer for MEDICINE!!!! from Kings (now you must know it is soooo hard to get into university studying medicine) but Aisling has done it! so we all had a good old cry where i congratulated her a few million times and she shook with shock.. bless her! so now im hoping i have good luck and i will proceed to get an offer every 2 days. the factthat i havent got one today has been excused by the fact that its the weekend. i wil most definately get one on monday (touch wood).

Then there was Isaacs party last weekend, it was great fun, what with Emma eating practically the whole pizza, and Charlotte eating about 10 apples (granted they were very good) and me, me erm joinin in on eating an apple lol only one tho! We all expirienced a small amount of akwardness due to the events of the previous weekend (ie becky's) but apartfrom that, it was great fun, many great people congrugated there :) oh yes, and how could i forget the taxi ride home..... this needs a whole new paragraph for this story!

so the taxi firms kept hanging up on us due to the excess of noise that was around us, eventually it was booked, then we ventured out into the cold, lonely foggy evening by ourselves (just me n Charlotte) then a taxi looms out from the darkness and we clamber in. The driver then asks us which way to go (he knows where we want to go, he just doesnt know the way) now i must admit we were slightly drunk by this point (it being about 1.30) we had no idea! After we had got underway i thought it would be a good idea just to check how much it was (we had £16 collectively) he announced it would be £22! slight panic followed when we told him we only had £16 and he stopped in the middle of a dark country lane in the middle of nowhere n asked if we wanted to carry on!!!! what a stupid man!!!! im sorry but really?!? was he gonna chuck us out at 2 oclock in the morning in the middle of nowhere on a dark foggyroad? i think thats a bit irresponsible! so we convinced him to carry on, all i remember is looking up n seeing that we were in the middle of the road, n that u could only see the line about a metre infront of us.. i must admit i was sooo scared! i just reached across n grabbed charlottes hand, n we stayed like that for the rest of the journey, terrifed that we were gonna get lost or crash. we didnt do either but he still had to rely on our instructions to direct him (he kept wanting to go in the wrong direction) this led right up to him trying to reverse down my drive... not the cleverest thing to do. so i kindly yet pretty bluntly informed him "it would be easier if you went forward!" to which he enquired how many miles down this track it was (it is literally about 100 metres) then when charlotte in answer to his questions told him she had to be up in 5 hours to work because she "needed the money" it just seemed like it had all gone wrong! it would have been funny if we werent so annoyed at being ripped off, scared shitless at the thort we were gonna die!!

how could i almost forget about bowling last night, we were a bit late, when i got a call from sinead sayin amy had forgotten to pick her up! (i was with charlotte n we had a full car) then proceeded much ringing of people trying to work out what had happened... only to find out amy n rachel were messing about, n it was a joke. we then texted thm n said that charlotte was crying cos we had almost had a crash trying to turn around, and that they shud think about their actions... of course it was just our way of getting our own back, but it worked ok lol. we then bowled, and i won the second game (against all the good people) i got a turkey!!! (three strikes in a row!!!!) and won with 146 points!! i was so happy!!!!

last but not least important thing, the fact that Harry Potter is out :) yay lol, it came out yesterday, n we r all going to see it on wednesday.. can't wait! every1 is saying it is, and it better be!!! Sarah is in it, and i saw her on the tv today in a program about Harry Potter behind the scenes (i wasnt really watching very much, just flicking over you know :P) lol so its gonna be really good i think :) i cant wait.

anyway, if you have actually made it this far i congratulate you!! well done :D now all you have to do is leave a comment... cummon, youve got this far, you might aswell!! and hey! ive typed all of this, count yourself lucky :D

so to all my sweeties (you know who you are) love you
and to anyone else reading this.. hello :) nice to see you


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Knee

after long and careful consideration (ok, about a minutes worth) ive decided that my injured knee is like being pregnant.. well what i imagine it would be like anyway

now i can hear you already "what? your knee? being pregnant is a blessing" blah blah blah

my point is that although they seem different they have something major the same. The pain! ok so the pregnant pain is at the end of the pregnancy (labour, for all you sillies out there) and my pain is at the begginning

but still, once you are pregnant or damaged like me, then you have along wait ahead of you, 9 months in pregnancy, about 6 months for me, where you cant really do much and you slowly get fatter :S

and if you hadnt already guessed it, ive hurt my knee AGAIN! Mrs Carpenter says shes gonna ban me from all sports :( and my doctor thinks my injury is "not good, not good at all" so im off to see a knee specialist, who will (hopefully, cross fingers, touch wood) make me better:D:D

the teachers have been piling on the work, i swear! its the end of term, n all i wanna do is sleep, instead its "write 2geography essays, and do your maths coursework, revise for 2 physics tests, and oh, dontforget those 2 economics projects we r doing, oh and that book you r sposed to be reading for geography" when will it end?
..... approx 2 days (but thats not the point!)

then its holidays!! WOOOO, and im goin on holiday with rach (it was her birthday yesterday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and theresa (it was her birthday ages ago :P) and we r goin to the south of france, how cooool is that gonna b?!?

now im gonna have to talk about harry potter, all of you who havent read it yet,n are plannin on doing so, turn back NOW!!!!

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! i CANNOT believe Dumbledore dies!! its just wrong, how is Harry gonna cope on his own?!?! its not fair, he is actually all on his own! how cud JK do this to him? it was bad enough when she killed off Black, now he actually has no1 :'( it was so sad!

i kept on thinkin it was a lie, or sum kind of joke, n he was gonna come back to life, just like i did for Black, n they havent! they r actually dead! its not right.. infact i was in such shock that Dumbledores death has completely wiped the rest of the book from my memory, n i cnt say whether it is a good book cos i just dont know. i was so dissapointed that i told my mum to take it away from me, i couldnt stand having such a depressing book near me.

another thing... SNAPE!!! WHAT IS GOING ON!!??!?! he is meant to be good! he should have broken the vow n died! what is with him? he is EVIL AAAAARRRRRRGGGG!!!

the only good thing is, this means the next (and last) book is gonna be MASSIVE cos there is still so much to do, get all the horcruxes (4 left.. i cant believe it was a fake! he was weak for no reason, n who is RAB?) kill Voldemort, n get back with Ginny (im sorry, but its gonna happen, Ginny is soooo much better than Cho, what was he thinking?!) just in time for a happy ever after ending. she best do a nice ending,else i swear i will hunt her down!!!

lol any way, schools almost over, n its almost holiday time.. im excited, are you?
love you

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Exams andlack of Blogging

yup, thats my excuse for not blogging! exams, and a wonderful excuse if i do say so myself... although i have really hardly revised at all :S shit fuck bollocks (i apologise for the swearin) but ive got my further maths exam 2MORO!! im gonna DIE!!!
havent revised at all!! okok u got me, its after 12, so technically i have over24 hours left, and im nt gonna try for my further maths 1 cos i cant do it, n im giving it up... i got 43% inmy mocks (and the funny thing is, i thought i had done well- that is until i got it back)
so yeah i really need to do some revising, cos i have 8 exams in 3 days :):):):) yup, 5 on friday, and back to school on monday :S always fun.
so generally, this blog was to tell you that ive bin busy, and im gonna be busy for another week or so, cos i HAVE LOTS OF EXAMS!
oh yeah, and some good news... im deputy house captain :D:D:D so ive got all sorts ofstuff to sort out when i get back to school, namely house gardening,lol yes, the yr 7s got a bit overexcited, and it took a bit of phone calling etc to calm them down. bless them!
goodnight :)

Friday, April 01, 2005

Me is tired...

yes i know its all my fault...
but i cant help it if i want to stay up till 3 reading my book (which is really interesting btw) then be forced to get up at some horried hour because the cleaner wants to clean my room.
..but it may explain that weird fuzzy feeling in my brain

i just thought id let you know im sitting in my lovely clean room, doing not very much at all, and if the truth is known, i dont actually know what im saying, or why im saying it. i just felt the need to blog... so here is my erm, wonderfully *ahem* interesting attempt at a blog :)

what day is it? oh yes, thursday.. ooh april the first, april fools day! damn! its after 12.. well tht spoils it a bit :(
i have planned to go swimming today, but im nt rly sure of the times.. so im nt really sure when im goin. lol ill ask my sister when she wakes up, as she used to work there. what a plan!
yesterday... what did i dooooo? oooh yes, i woke up to my cat throwin up on my floor, kinda yelping.. it was a strange surreal incident as i watched him puke on my sock :S however he looked so folorn afterwards i had to give him a stroke, even though he had just caused more mess which i had to clear up.
i then had to clean up the sick, then my general room, as my mother had gone out n ordered me to clean it up b4 she gt bck :S so i spent a lovely hour or so putting my clothes n stuff away.
then i pottered downstairs as my sister had informed me that i had to watch a video with her as she was lonely (yes, im talking about my big sister lol) so i took all my exercise stuff downstairs and proceeded to do all my leg exercises, with vikki laughing at me whenever i started a new one :P ... some people are so rude! she made me put a video on, so we ended up watching 'Anne of Green Gables' which i love so much! it is actually the best set of videos in the world, and the books are wicked too.. i recommend them to EVERYONE :D
i flicked through my prospectuses, however instead of feeling enlightened, i began to feel more and more confused. i dont know which university i want to go to, and if i tell the truth i have no idea what course i want to study... aaaaaahhhhhh i dont know what to do, my parents keep asking bout it. but i rly dont know, n im getting slightly panicked bout it now.
Then it was off to amys birthday party... a nice meal at noodlebar. at which i enjoyed myself greatly, everyone was a bit hyper. n there was much hilarity as we chatted to each other, catching up on how everyones holidays had been so far. ending with us all leaving in a big crowd and producing a locust like effect on the mint bowl :) mmmm mints
most people then headed towards the cinema, but i had previously decided i would skip this part of the evenin, as they were planning on watchin 'the ring 2' and as you ALL know, i hate scary movies, they cause me to leap up in the air, and hide behind any available person or obstacle :S not a good expirience for anyone. so i bid them goodnight and headed home
wednesday i went to mk. met a few of toms friends, infact even went back to his house and met his mother. who even though i only saw briefly, seemed lovely and very good humored :)
went on a lovely wild goose chase on the way to the train station.. with an interesting selection of music thanks to ollie, most of which i had never heard of before in my life. however we eventually got there, and got on a train, which thankfully was the correct one. once we got off the train there was a bit of commotion at the ticket gates as tom somehow managed to get his ticket stuck in the gate (theres always one) after which we had a really long walk to the shopping centre (after promising my mum i wudnt walk much) in the rain :S thankfully i had thought ahead and had come prepared with an umbrella :S clever debs....
spent a lovely day wandering around shops and goin to the cinema, and just generally spending time with tom and his mates, who all seem very nice (if not a little varied)
i was meant to be going to a party that night, however i had had a headache brewing all day and it struck me hard when i got home, so much so i had to collapse into bed because i couldnt actually stand up... so i went to bed nice and early.
erm and tht is the extent of my week... ive just been generally relaxing this week, im doing loads of work n revision next week :S bleugh. so i thought id rest up this week. oooh but rachel is finally coming over to my house and stayin over on monday, which we have bin planning to do since october... phew! at last!

my sister still hasnt woken up, so i reckon ill do a bit more reading... hey, there are plently of hours in a day :D swimming can wait a little longer...

love you all

Monday, March 28, 2005

Chocolate feast

yes everyone, its that time of the year.... the time where everyone gets force fed chocolate :) of course no one is complainin, but thats not the point. what the point is.. im nt sure exactly.
altogether i got 3 eggs this year, a crunchie one, a heroes one and quite a large original dairy milk :D
now this may come as a shock.. but i did not get a mini eggs one!! lol im nt rly that bothered to be honest, as i already feel a bit sick. The sight of all the eggs surrounding me at the minute is already starting to make me feel sick, but lets not go there :D went on an easther egg hunt yesterday, full of small people running around the garden trampling flowers n all sorts. being the kind person i am, i knocked eggs outta high places for the small ones, and only actually collected 9 (bear in mind these are tiny eggs) for myself... i feel a bit like simon from lord of the flies, hmm not sure where that came from. though im sure those who did LOTF last year will see a slight resemblance... obviously not in the looks department, more in the collecting food for the 'littleuns'. ne way, enough on that.
my big sisters friend emily came to stay last night, who is rly nice, but slightly strange. n she has spent the whole time saying how much ive grown up since i last saw her, n how beautiful/ gorgeous/ cute ive become... lol. however her first remark on seeing me was 'woah, how old r u now? 17? uve rly got that "u wanna get in my knickers" look' which was quickly followed by me blushing a rather deep red. apparently i shud have 'got used to her remarks' now, although i dont think i ever will...
now shes gone, n my sister n i went to town cos i had some gift vouchers i wanted to spend from my birthday.. so weve bin trailing round aylesbury, which my sister loudly proclaimed is 'beneath her' as she now lives in a city on a temporary basis, n aylesbury is just too small for her needs. however i still managed to buy 2 pairs of trousers, a top n a cardigan.. n if anyone has heard how much i go on bout theresas white cardigan, they will know how delighted i am to have one ov my own now :D wooo i wanted to get some underwear as well, but by this time i was tired n my knee hurt, so we called it a day n returned home... be greeted by our small dog, who went absolutely hyper, n started runnin round the garden n house at top speed, runnin over our feet n kicking up bits of garden as she sprints... it is actually the funnest thing to watch, but she only does it rarely as she is a lazy woofer :)
loads of work n revision to do this hols :S so not in the mood.. i just wanna sleeeep, im still really tired! ill do my work next week lol im doin so much stuff this week...
physio has told me to go back to him 2moro after ive dun sum exercises 3 times in a week (oops only dun it once) n see how its improved n stuff, bit worried he'll be mad that i havent joined a gym like he told me to, but if he asks ill lie n tell him im goin for my induction on wednesday. i shall sort it out! i know i need to go n sort out my knee, but i just kinda forgot, n its soo much hassel! but i will do it sometime soon, honest!
oh yeah n tom, u know sumone who shud blog more? i dont think u can talk... u blogged twice in like 3 weeks wen i was away! nothing interestin is happenin, so wot can i write about? i dont want my blogs to be boring :P n ne way, i know someone who shud text his girlfriend more :P after all, they r freeeeeee. n she is happy when she get texts. in the form of emma:
Debs + texts = happy Debs :)
Debs - texts = mean Debs :> (hmm kinda looks more like a bird than a mean face.. hey, birds have beaks... look at that sharp beak i have lol)
so let that be a lesson to you!
goin to MK on weds with tom n sum of his friends, scary mc hairy :S teeny bit scared as ive never met these people before... n i shud possibly try n give a good first impression, oh dear
oh n then Kez has invited me to a party that evenin, oooh the stress, need to ask my mother if that wil be ok.
then its amys birthday thingy on thursday, was gonna b goin to toms for a video thingy, but amy seemed kinda desperate that i would be there, n all my friends r goin, n i rly wanna see them :) n ov course its amys birthday.. oh poo, havent bought her a present!! lol. so hopefully i shall go round toms another time this hols, so that will be fun :D
ok im really bored of typing now... so i shall love you and leave u
all comments welcome :)